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  • Nkhotakota means “corner corner”, so named because here, the lakeshore has many corners or bays. Across the lake, the mountains in Mozambique are sometimes clearly visible.
  • All the rooms face the lake and have magnificent views.  We will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and please don’t hesitate to ask for what you need!
  • If you would like to interact with the locals, they are more than happy to do so, and would be eager to give advice on how and where to fish! 
  • There is always a need for fishing rods, clothing, books and pens. 
  • The children will ask for money and pens, and do need school equipment and clothing.  HOWEVER, please do not give clothing and other gifts directly to the children, because they will get very excited, call other children, and you may be "mugged" by eager children and that may spoil your stay, and create unnecessary unpleasantness. 
  • We will gladly pass any items for the children on to the Headmaster of the school or the Chiefs who will distribute them to the children who need it the most.
  • Feel free to come and create your own experience and memories.  This is a place to relax, enjoy and be yourself!
  • Please bring your camera to record the magnificent sunrises.  We would appreciate your best photos to add to this website!
  • We live in Mbalame village, in harmony with our neighbors (Mbalame means BIRDS).  The grass needed for rethatching was bought from women and children in the villages surrounding us.  We hope to impact the lives of the people around us for the better, and help give them a vision for a better future.
  • The local community of Saidi Village and Mbalame Village showed their appreciation of our assistance with a sick girl, by all pitching in to help clean the beach.  The beach was full of debris, washed up after the heavier than normal rain season. When the father of the little girl asked how he could repay us, we asked him to help us clean the beach, and the next morning early, the whole community arrived and enthusiastically worked until the beach was totally cleared!  The children enjoy interacting with visitors, but please refrain from giving them money or sweets, because they become so eager that they may actually spoil your stay.  If you want to give items to the children, please give it to our staff who will ensure that it gets to the right people who will distribute it.

The road from the Sani Trading Centre down to the Lake has been upgraded and it is now a pleasure to drive it. 

The Nkhotakota Police addressing the Local Community Policing Forum at Fish Eagle Bay.

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