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The situation in Zimbabwe has recently changed significantly, and fuel may not be available at all. So you have to take enough fuel with you to travel through Zimbabwe.  Google how far to the first filling station in Mozambique and ensure you have enough fuel to reach there.

  1. The road is OK, but after the recent heavy rains can not be guaranteed.

  2. The traffic police in Zimbabwe have a very profitable fining system and are enforcing it rigorously! They now fine every single infringement by 20 US Dollars.

  3. Expect to be stopped at regular intervals and inspected minutely. From your license to your import documentation to your reflectors and lights, fire extinguisher and triangles etc.

  4. Trailers need a big red reflective T at the back and White T reflectors on the front wheel arches.

  5. All vehicles need white reflective stickers on the front of the vehicle and red reflective stickers on the back.

  6. Most staff working at the border at Nyamapanda, are very helpful and friendly, but make sure all your paperwork for your vehicle is in order and you have the necessary permission from your Bank to take the vehicle across the border! They also check your engine number against your Registration Certificate and require a Police Clearance Certificate for your vehicle!

  7. Make sure you have enough fuel to reach Tete.

  8. Places to sleep in Zimbabwe are at Masvingo, try the Inn at the Great Zimbabwe, or any of the other places and visit the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, which is still a worthwhile place to visit. They were just starting to rehabilitate the place and trying to make it accessible to tourists when we visited them. From Masvingo, take the road (A4) to Harare, via Mvuma, Chivhu and Beatrice.

  9. In Harare you enter on Simon Mazordze (A4), turn left onto Rotten Row, right onto Samora Machel Avenue (A5), and left onto Enterprise Road, (A2) that leads to Tete via Mutoko, Murewa, Suswe and Nyamapanda.

  10. You will find lots of places in Harare to sleep  Please send me your recommendation!

  11. From Tete, please read the directions under The Road Via Zimbabwe.

  12. Remember to make sure all your papers are correct, all the necessary lights on your vehicle are working, and you have the necessary reflective stickers on your vehicle and trailer, and you have nothing to worry about when stopped by the police.

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