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Take US Dollars with you to travel through Zimbabwe, with some extra to pay for any fines for violations. 

Fuel may not be available at all in Zimbabwe.  If available it is very expensive, so rather take enough fuel with you to enable travel through Zimbabwe and plan to fill up in Manica. 

All traffic violations and problems with your vehicle will cost you at least 20 US Dollars, payable immediately in Rands or US Dollars. 

Do make sure that you get a receipt as proof of payment or else you will be expected to pay again at the next police blockade!

You need white reflective stickers on the front of your vehicle and red reflective stickers at the back.

Your trailer needs a red reflective T at the back, and white reflective stickers on the front wheel arches! 

  • From Beit Bridge, turn right towards Masvingo, and look out for the traffic police just before the turnoff!
  • Threeway Safari Lodge is a beautiful Lodge offering superb lodging at reasonable prices, but booking in advance is recommended.
  • At the Lion and Elephant, I like to stop and have some tea and use the clean bathroom. This is also a good place to sleep or camp.
  • If you need a place to sleep near Masvingo, turn right towards Great Zimbabwe, but pass it (unless you would like to visit the magnificent ruins and don’t mind paying a lot of money) and look out for the Inn on the Great Zimbabwe,(about 20 km) which is a beautiful place looking out over Lake Kyle, with lovely rooms and reasonable, if rather bland, food.  They have self-catering options with many beds at a reasonable price.
  • Drive through Masvingo and take the route to the Birchenough Bridge and Mutare
  • At Mutare, the Inn on the Vumba offers lovely food and lodgings, or if you want to sleep in Mozambique, look out for Casa Msika after the border.  Casa Msika is being renovated and has good camping with decent ablutions available.
  • The border post at Forbes going into Mozambique may be busy at times but try to keep your sense of humor, and stay friendly.  Be very careful to change money on the border and ask officials for the best place to change your money into meticais, as you will need it to put petrol or diesel in your vehicle and possibly also to have a meal and sleepover.  About R2000 may be enough.  Casa Msika on the right-hand side is a good place to sleep over and have a good meal.  They also have camping facilities and are in the process of revamping the place.
  • You are on the Beira Corridor and need to turn left towards Tete, where you will cross over the mighty Zambezi River.  There are quite a few places to sleep over and eat in Tete.  Ask around, and enjoy Portuguese style chicken!
  • This road to Tete has been upgraded and is a pleasure to drive.  The new bridge over the Zambezi is open, and if you take this route, look for accommodation in Moatize.
  • As you drive towards Tete there is a turnoff to the right which will take you over the new bridge crossing the mighty Zambezi, and on to Moatize.  Look out for accommodation which offers air-conditioned rooms and clean beds.  There are quite a few places to sleep and have good meals, and from Tete/Moatize, it is easy to reach Lilongwe or even Fish Eagle Bay the next day.  Fill up with fuel here.
  • About 80km after Moatize, turn left to cross into Malawi at the  Dedza Border post. Or you may choose to continue on and cross into Malawi at the Mwanza border post. 
  • At the Dedza border post, remain calm and friendly.  Impatience will not help at all.. From Dedza you may choose to turn right at the T junction and take the road marked Monkey Bay, for a beautiful scenic, winding mountain pass with hairpin bends.  Please be careful of the hairpin bends.... At the bottom of the hill at the T junction, turn left to Salima, and from there, at Salima turn left again until you see the sign for Nkhotakota to the right, at the Police checkpoint.   DRIVE CAREFULLY AND LOOK OUT FOR PEDESTRIANS, BICYCLES, GOATS, CHICKENS ETC!
  • Otherwise, at Dedza, if you need to do some shopping or want to change money at an exchange bureau, turn left to Lilongwe at the T junction.  From Lilongwe, find the road to Salima and turn left to Nkhotakota just before entering Salima.
  • Look out for Chia Lagoon, the sign for Nkhotakota Potteries, Nkhotakota Safari Lodge, and you will see two hills on the right known as the Sani hills.
  • Turn right at the Sani Trading Centre, where you will see a sign on the left-hand side of the road for Fish Eagle Bay, and on the right-hand side, for Sani Beach Lodge. 
  • At the Sani School turn right and continue right toward Fish Eagle Bay.
  • Follow the signs!
  • Welcome, you may now relax, unwind and simply enjoy!  The kids will enjoy running into the sweet waters of the lake and investigating the whole place.

Have a Malawi Green (Carlsberg), KucheKuche,  Malawi Gin and Tonic or whatever you feel like. 

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